Eric Lucier

Eric Lucier has been drawing and painting since he was very young . Having that creative inkling at such a young age never went unnoticed. He was fortunate enough to have encouraging family and teachers which inspired me to continue with creative endeavors.
When it comes to painting he finds that spontaneity is key. He tends to work on a whim therefore the piece is almost always created intuitively. There are rarely any preconceived notions as to how something should evolve. It is part of the journey of discovery to see what could possibly emerge. This leaves space for many interpretations.

Lucier’s current paintings show figures or abstractions in a sea of contrasting colors, dueling shapes and textures. All creating a rhythm that hopefully captivates the viewer and allows the image to be a catalyst for an unfolding narrative.

He was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Relocated to Chicago, Il 2005-2009. He now resides in Brooklyn , NY.

Queens | 12 in x 15 in | $300