Do You Ever Wish You Were Better At Things? | January 18-February 2 2013

Performances were Friday and Saturday nights with doors opening at 8:00 p.m. followed by the show at 9:00 p.m. at Charlie LaCroix’s LePop gallery, located at 101 N. Main, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Part theater, part dance, and part performance art: “Do you ever wish you were better at things?” is a new production by Brendalinda Performance Collaborative (BLPC).

Whether it be as plainly stated as ‘Guitar’ or as elusive as ‘Letting Go,’ the question “Do you ever wish you were better at things?” elicits a broad spectrum of responses that illustrate an honest and difficult component of our human nature.

The script for “Do you ever wish…” was developed by BLPC’s members and utilizes a combination of movement and ethnographic research, visual arts, oral histories, and fiction for inspiration. Photographic documentation of the process can be followed online as the cast posts pictures of community members holding signs featuring their wishes for betterment. The project was produced in partnership with Charlie LaCroix Art Brokerage and Creative Rights.


In Progress | September 14-15 2012

“In Progress” was a two night event hosted by Creative Rights, an Ann Arbor-based non-profit organization, which took place at the Riverfront Building at 1250 N Main St, Ann Arbor, MI. The event allowed attendees a unique window into artists’ creative process. The event hosted upwards of thirty artists of all mediums: musicians, painters, photographers, glass blowers, installation artists, dancers, actors, and more. Many of the artists are local Creative Rights clients from Ann Arbor and Detroit. Each night will begin with gallery time accompanied by live music, during which attendees had the opportunity to view works of art that are currently in the process of being created and partially complete. Artists will be on hand to discuss their work and explore possible new directions with the audience. Performance artists showed their pieces consecutively, offering the audience the opportunity to see each piece live. Afterward, attendees have the chance to seek out any artists with whom they choose to discuss the direction of their work, the creative process, or possibilities for the future. Produced by Charlie LaCroix Art Brokerage.


Brash Menagerie | May 18-19 2012

Brash Menagerie was a collage performance of original works by members of the Brendalinda Performance Collaborative. These members created individual and cooperative pieces that combined elements of dance, performance art, film and theater based on creative exploration into the shrinking space between a ‘human’ and an ‘animal’ existence. The pieces ran in rapid succession without an overarching plot, rushing the performance space much like a boxer to the ring. Charlie LaCroix Art Brokerage is hosted this performance in the LePop Gallery.

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