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The LePop Gallery is a pop-up gallery concept, which can be moved and customized to fit virtually any large open space. Since January 2012 we have occupied a 2700 sq. ft. office/retail space on the ground level of a high rise building on Main Street in Ann Abor, MI which is currently available for lease.

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Sweet Tooth, A Solo Exhibition by Michelle Tanguay | October 19-November 25 2012


A Solo Exhibition by Xuan Alyfe | April 20-May 13 2012


Machines of Loving Grace | March 9-April 3 2012


Postcards From the Edge | February 10-March 3 2012


Nova Atlantis | January 13-31 2012


Ad Astra Per Aspera | April 15 2011

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  1. I just attended your latest pop-up gallery event and I am very impressed. I was curious how the artists involved came about being represented by you, and got involved putting their works in these unique shows.

    • Thank you! Most of our artists thus far are people we’ve hunted by wearing urban camouflage and stalking them in their natural habitats. A few have stumbled into our traps. We’re only a click away or you can visit us during gallery hours.

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