Sweet Tooth | Michelle Tanguay

October 19-November 25 2012

Drawing inspiration from her time at College for Creative Studies, Michelle Tanguay and friend, Nina Marcus-Kurlonko, began curating art shows as Pop Up Detroit in 2010. In spite of having represented over 60 artists from the Metro Detroit area, this is her first solo show.

Recently, Tanguay has participated in the Red Bull House of Art, has been featured in the Examiner, and the Red Bull Bulletin. In her latest series of portraits Tanguay, explores her unhealthy obsession with candy. Tanguay’s love of sugary sweets has landed her in the dentist’s chair a handful of times in the last few months, resulting in two root canals, 8 fillings, and a room full of effervescent paintings.

Girls Gone Vinyl provided the entertainment for the opening festivities.

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