Nova Atlantis | LePop Gallery Opening

Nova Poster

A pop up gallery presented by Charlie LaCroix Art Brokerage

Charlie LaCroix Art Brokerage presents Nova Atlantis at LePop

101 N. Main St. | Ann Arbor MI | Comerica Building

Highlighting paintings and sculptures by local artists Brian Donovan and Genevieve Vanzandt.

The opening of Nova Atlantis will be held Friday the 13th from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Live music provided by recording artist, Pato Margetic, another Michigan native on the rise. Check out Pato at

Regular gallery hours will be Monday-Wednesday 6pm-9pm and Thursday-Saturday 12pm-9pm. Sundays are being reserved for appointments and special events.

Previews, details, maps & more are available on our facebook page.

Full article on our blog.

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