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Our recent visit from Spanish street artist Xuan Alyfe has created a wonderful dialogue about the moment at which graffiti scrawled on the side of the building crosses the line between a bunch of unintelligible tags and a collective form of expression that people can take pride in. Can they be one in the same?

Mode Shift, a great website powered by the Michigan Community Foundation, asked Charlie LaCroix to weigh in on this topic last week. Check out our thoughts at this link and let us know what street art does for you.

One thought on “We Are Mode Shift Article

  1. We’d like it if some of Xuan Alyfe’s lively murals popped up around the area we live to make the city streets all that more cheerful. In dazzling colour with a few welcome neons thrown in, Xuan creates these intense pieces on walls and in exhibition spaces. They’re all about careful composition. A mixture of symbols and expressive sprays of paint are placed in considered layouts to create a wonderful, chaotic balance.

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